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New Pool Construction

While there are many types of pools to choose from (above ground, fiberglass, gunite, etc), only a Gunite Pool (Inground Concrete Swimming Pool) can be customized to fit any desire. This makes the inground swimming pool one of the most popular choices of pools for homes of any price range. While they can be more expensive, many home owners like the ability to customize the swimming pool to be the shape and size they desire - many times to complement their backyard and/or landscaping.

All Gunite pools are custom. We can build your Gunite pool square, rectangle, Grecian cornered, oval, round, kidney, L, infinity edge, beach entrance; or whatever type of design that your brain thinks of or sees in a picture. We can build it with a diving end, or as an adult play pool with no deep end and 5.5' all the way across. Very popular options are a sun shelf, waterfalls, bubblers, lights, and with a spa. We can install a floor cleaning system, and a remote control over the entire operation. There are dozens of options to consider.

We have recently celebrated our 18th year as one of Tulsa's top inground swimming pool builders - and one of Tulsa's leading swimming pool contractors. With over 11,000 customers, we have been blessed with a multitude of great reviews. Between Houzz, HomeAdvisor, LinkedIn, AngiesList, BBB, Facebook, Manta, TalkoftheTown, Yahoo, Google, and our 3 websites; we have over 1,000 positive reviews, testimonials, and references!


As you may have guessed, with all the customization available in a gunite or inground swimming pool, it can be overwhelming to hire a swimming pool contractor. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to getting the swimming pool of your dreams, and not get taken. Please feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions. We know that getting a new people requires a lot of information and knowledge, and our friendly staff is here to help!


  • Have you ever been sued because of a pool installation defect or problems?
  • Are you currently being sued for a pool installation defect or problems?
  • How many total times have you been sued because of a pool installation defect or problem?
  • Our answer for Sonrise Pools is 0, 0, 0.
    We simply do the job right the first time.


Ask to see "current" proof of insurance for work comp and professional liability. I don't know how many don't carry it, but it is a shockingly high amount of swimming pool contractors in Tulsa.


The answer is about the same as when someone ask "How much for a new house?"
The answer depends on the size, depth, and all the amenities that go with a pool.

Gunite pools are much more expensive than fiberglass pools and way more expensive than liner pools. They are the most expensive and time-consuming pool to build, usually taking a full 2 months. Our custom designed in-ground Gunite swimming pools start around $50,000* and this is with no extra features, and for a smaller square or pre-existing shape - and with zero customization.

It is common for a new gunite swimming pool construction to 'average' $60,000 to $100,000 when options and extras are added in, and it is not uncommon for our customers to invest $100,000 to $150,000 if they are combining their Gunite pool with a spa, or waterfalls, or an infinity edge. Also, a pool house or an outdoor living area can easily add another $40,000 to $125,000 depending on total size and options.

*Be VERY leery if a competitor tells you they can build your Gunite pool for less than $40,000; and include EVERYTHING in that cost; as that is impossible. Did they include the cost of the plumber? (Most do not.) Did they include the cost of an electrician? (Most do not.) Did they include the cost to re-grade and re-sod your yard? (Most do not.) Did they include the cost to repair or replace your fence or your damaged landscaping, or your damaged lawn sprinkler system? (Most do not.) Did they include the cost of a concrete pool deck for more than 3' all the way around? (Most do not.)


Most customers are not aware that the majority of steps for new swimming pool construction are sub contracted out. This means someone else is hired by the pool company to do the work. In Tulsa, there is not a single pool company that does not 'sub-out' the majority of the work.

There are currently approximately 48 swimming pool contractors in Tulsa that will construct a Gunite pool for you, and all of them ~ EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ~ uses 1 of 2 Gunite companies in Tulsa for the Gunite spray application. That's right, there are only 2 Gunite companies in Tulsa that blow Gunite on EVERY SINGLE POOL that is in installed in Tulsa. And here's another eye-popping statistic ~ there are only 4 plaster companies. Which means that every single pool in Tulsa is plastered by 1 of these 4 plaster companies; unless they find a lone ranger that does it 'on the side' and we question the quality of someone that doesnt have the experience of the other 4.

Additionally, virtually every company subs out the electrical work, the plumbing work, the concrete deck work, and the rebar. As of this spring, there was still not a single company in Tulsa that keeps a licensed electrician and plumber on full-time W2 staff. Almost every company subs out the tile work and the plumbing work. Almost every company subs out the excavation and the yard grading, the yard sodding, and the re-landscaping. Fortunately, there are 1,000's of well qualified sub-contractors available to do all of these other items. And we have great relationships with over 350 associates that we use in all our 3 companies.

About the only thing that a pool company W2 employee will do is hook up the pool equipment and balance the water chemically. That is an exaggeration of course, as there are a few companies (literally just a few) that has employees for the tile work, or to run the heavy equipment for excavation, or to set the light and diving board. But, at most, no pool company in Tulsa employs (as a W2, not a 1099 sub-contractor) anyone to do more than 20% of the total work for a Gunite swimming pool. No one.

Therefore, it is safe to say that a pool company (including us) is only as good as our sub-constractors, and our swimming pool sub-contractors are some of the best in Tulsa; many with multiple decades of experience!

What's involved with getting a new swimming pool installation?

In the simplest terms possible (so that we don't post an Encyclopedia):

  • Creating the design with you - or selecting from one of our pre-built shapes.
  • Getting all permits required.
  • Placing your swimming pool construction on the construction calendar.
  • Dig a VERY large hole
  • Dispose of the dirt
  • Run electrical wiring
  • Run plumbing
  • Assemble a steel framework rebar grid secured together with tie-wire.
  • Then we spray a heavy coating of Gunite for the 12" thick walls (not 9" like some companies will do), and then allow it to sit and cure for 2-3 weeks.
  • During that time, we install the LED lights, the pool equipment, the tile, the coping, and the pool deck.
  • Plaster is then added to smooth over the Gunite.
  • Water is added to fill the pool, and then chemically balanced.
  • We perform one FINAL check and run through to make sure everything is 100% complete and working
  • Then the final thing to do is to jump in and "get wet"!

Of course, there are 100+ other steps, but because some people have never had a Gunite pool; this keeps it very simple.

View our gallery to see our company at work installing another beautiful, custom inground swimming pool!