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Pool House

One of the most popular options for a Gunite inground swimming pool is the addition of a pool house. The construction of a pool house can be built as Spartan as a garage or can be quite elaborate by incorporating it as an outdoor living area, which is by far the most popular approach.

Pool houses can have a private bathroom, or a separate shower. Pool houses can be built with a fireplace or a fire pit, and almost always will have a covered or enclosed area for seating and outdoor entertaining. Pool houses will usually have an outdoor kitchen, outdoor bar, outdoor grill, and outdoor TV entertainment. Pool houses are also frequently built with their own private bedroom for invited guests to spend the night, or the weekend.

Pool houses are always designed to complement your home and your pool, incorporating some of the same colors, with the same brick or stone, the same paint, the same outdoor lighting, and the same house shingles.

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