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Welcome to Sonrise Gunite Pools - We Build Dreams!

Mike Fournier, owner of Sonrise Pools, an inground swimming pool builder, covering Tulsa and surrounding areas, our daily goal (since our company was founded in 2000) is to provide you with a superior standard of Quality Craftsmanship, combined with an impeccable level of Customer Service.

Our Quality and Service are unmatched; and it's not just us saying it. It is the people of the Tulsa metro area saying it! We were voted Best of Broken Arrow in 2012. We were voted Finalist for Best of Tulsa in 2014-2017. We have been awarded the premier A+ Super Service Award by Angies List for 3 years in a row. We have been awarded the premier A+ Super Service Award by Talk of the Town for 5 years in a row. Plus, we are Certified by Home Advisor as a Premier Contractor, and we have over 1,000 great reviews on Google and social media that you can read. And, even though the BBB is an organization that we choose to no longer be a part of because of their much-publicized legal issues; we have been A+ rated by the BBB for 15 years in a row.

At Sonrise Pools in Tulsa, we build and remodel only Gunite inground pools (no vinyl, no fiberglass, and no above-ground) at competitive value-based prices. (Value-based does NOT mean cheap). Our prices are not the highest in Tulsa, nor are they the lowest. Our pricing is middle of the road, to upper-middle. We are far from the most expensive, and we are far from cheap; and we never want to be either. Especially the lowest price, as that screams low quality and poor service. We believe that you will see the value of our pricing from your very first meeting with us!

If someone tells you "We have the lowest prices in Tulsa", or "We will beat any competitor's price" well, that usually is code for "I want to sell you a cheap car!" Most of us are smart enough though to understand that quality costs money. After all, Lexus will never be the same price as Chevrolet as quality cost money. There is a reason Audi, Lexus, and BMW never say "We have the lowest priced cars in Tulsa", and it is because they are selling Quality, Service, and Craftsmanship. The same thing that we are selling here at Sonrise Pools in Tulsa: Quality, Service, and Craftsmanship on all our gunite pools and amenities.

If someone tells you "You won't find a lower price than us" well, I'm going to be asking myself "uh-huh, yeah right; and what kind of shortcuts are you going to take with the quality to get to the lowest price?" Will they sacrifice quality? Yes. Will they sacrifice service? Yes. Will they be around in 3 years for a warranty claim? Well, they won't be if they don't make a profit.

Sonrise Gunite Pools in Tulsa combines quality materials, top of the line pool equipment, along with highly skilled craftsmen (many with several decades of experience) to build or remodel the finest Gunite pool in Tulsa. We can customize your Gunite pool to provide you waterfalls, LED lights, bubblers, fire bowls, fountains, sun shelf or beach entry. We can fully automate your Gunite pool, and we can build you a spa for year-round enjoyment. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Sonrise Pools in Tulsa is proud to be a part of "The Sonrise Companies" which is: Sonrise Construction LLC, Sonrise Hardscaping LLC, Sonrise Properties LLC, and Sonrise Gunite Pools LLC. Founded in 2000, and now with over 11,000 customers, we here at Sonrise want you to experience "The Sonrise Difference."

At Sonrise, we work year round with over 350 full-time associates (most with at least a decade of experience in their respective field), and we can construct anything for you. If you want us to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, or build you a new garage, check out our work at: SonriseConstruction.com. If you want us to build you an outdoor living area, or a Pergola, or a Pavilion, or an outdoor fireplace, or pour you a stamped concrete patio, check out our work at: SonriseHardscaping.com. These are just a few examples of our broad range of services and construction capabilities. All of our services are listed in full detail on our websites.

Sonrise has 3 active Facebook pages, plus active pages on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, and Houzz.
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Also, owned by Mike Fournier , Tulsa.

Sonrise Hardscaping, Owner Mike Fournier, Tulsa, formed in 2000.

Sonrise Construction, Owner Mike Fournier, One of Tulsa 's Full Service Swimming Pool Contractors